Frequency was created and formed from Quivive players after the guild disbanded June 2008, with players still here to this day the guild has progressed and completed any content given to us in all expansions with our determination to remain one of the long standing guilds on alonsus never ceasing. Until Mop frequency was a 25 man raiding guild, having many successful heroic last boss kills,
25 man Kil'Jaeden
Heroic 25 man Lich King 
Heroic Lich King
With the changes to raid sizing and bad raid attendance slowing progress down, we took the chance to go 10 man, having to downsize our team was a tough choice but a choice we felt we had to take at the time for the good of the guild. From this move we progressed on killing Heroic Ragnaros and going on to Finish Deathwing ready for Mop.
10 man Heroic Ragnaros
10 man Heroic Deathwing
During MOP we enjoyed raiding in a small raid team but most missed 25 man, so with the announcement of mythic raiding we was more than happy to take this chance to grow our team and return to 25 man raiding, there we pushed on to complete all end game raiding content
We started with a good strong Team after alot of preperation and hard work in WOD, We continue to experiance high end raid content and are making our way through content at a nice pace whilst on a more casual 3 night raiding scedule. We look forward to seeing more content and taking on new challanges
Now Legion is Here and we once again are progressing the raids with our Team, This expansion focuses alot more on out of raid content with the new Mythic+ and world questing and so our social side of the guild has naturally grown and strengthened with weekend social raids etc