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re: DECLINED - App: TheXcore - by Berfu


Your achievements show you have not progressed during past expansions on this account that your applying on, id have asked like our Kras has for more detail however..

I see you have Joined Another Guild since we have spoken :) Due to this we wont waste anymore time on this application. We wish you good luck in your new home. 


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re: DECLINED - App: TheXcore - by Berfu


On what characters have you raided? On another account?




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re: App: TheXcore

The application submitted by TheXcore is as follows:

Name : Steve
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Alonsus
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Rogue
Spec 1 : Combat
Spec 2 : Assass.

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Personal Information

Please tell us alittle about yourself, ( For example, Your name, where your from etc ):
Steve, From Scotland, Multi-Gamer


What is your battletag ( to help us contact you if required to do so ) :

So we have a clear understanding of your availability & Raiding goals etc. Please answer the following questions

We raid 3 nights a week,Wed-Thurs,Mon from 8pm - 11.00pm server time... Can you be available for all the days? If not please explain what days you can be available for.:
I can be avtive for most but as i work full time and have a child some nights may be a struggle

Are you applying for a Mythic raiding spot, or a Social rank? ( If social - Please contact an officer ingame for a chat to bypass this application process ):

Are you comfortable with rotation?:

What is your current pc spec and connection speed?:
100mb connection, i7 16gb ram titan card

Please fill in the next few questions with as much detail as possible so we can get a clear idea of what to expect from your character, experiance & your play style overall.

Main spec Your applying on?:

Please provide a link to armory for the character you are applying on. :

How do you calculate your stats weights/priority & what rotations do you follow?:

What is your play-style? - Eg : Use mouse or keyboard to turn for example? Are you Key binding?:
Keybinds, no backpeddles or kickturns

What add-ons (raid specific) do you already use?:
DBM, Recount, Gladius

How do you prepare & what resources do you use to prepare for Raid content & Your Own class?:
Pots and food

Which is your main Off-spec and are you experienced & Willing to play this for the raid if required?:
Yes, Assassination

What prior raiding experience do you have?:
Have raided all content so far apart from the new raid, many on heroic/mythic throughout multiple chars but as this is my only alonsus char and my main i wish to progress with this.

Do you have Teamspeak and will you speak on it?:

Extra Information

Why have you chosen to apply to Frequency?:
New home and new challenge

Do you know anyone in the Guild and if so who?:

What has been your biggest and most memorable achievement in your time playing WOW? :
hitting 2k in Arena

Have any additional comments you would like to leave on the application? Please do so. :
Thanks for your time

To Help recruitment, How did you hear about us?:
Cheekí = Guild member

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