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re: APPROVED - App: HeathzT - by Berfu


Hello, Thank you for the opportunity. Yeah me and Deelan/Thunman are a couple but we decided not to specify it clearly so as to keep some individuality to our applications. 

We will be on shortly to join you guys officially.


Thanks again.



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re: APPROVED - App: HeathzT - by Berfu


( I have c/p this as this applies to Both applications and you are a couple applying together ) 

Hello again

As mentioned when we spoke in game, Mythic spots are now limited for dps. This situation is however forever changing and so we have available options open to you here as your application is well made and the efforts are appreciated.

We can offer you a Trial for Normal and Heroic raids within our team, Normal being run at the weekend and Heroic being run during raid times ( This over time could be done on an off raid night if mythic becomes the main focus ) for as-long as raiders/members are benefiting from it. Now with your trial, mythic spots will be limited at this time due to positions in the team for mythic being full. Over time these position free up and opportunity's become available for you to be more involved. 

If this is something you are interested in and okay with, we would be happy to welcome you to Frequency 




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re: APPROVED - App: HeathzT - by Berfu


Thank you very much for the application, we will discuss them tomorrow and get back to you with any questions/response 

cheeks :)


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re: App: HeathzT

The application submitted by HeathzT is as follows:

Name : Heathz
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Alonsus
Level : 110
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Mage
Spec 1 : Frost
Spec 2 : Arcane

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Personal Information

Please tell us alittle about yourself, ( For example, Your name, where your from etc ):
Hey, I'm Heather. I'm from England but I live in Sweden with my husband and 3 cats. So if I mess up you know why... that pesky husband.


What is your battletag ( to help us contact you if required to do so ) :

So we have a clear understanding of your availability & Raiding goals etc. Please answer the following questions

We raid 3 nights a week,Wed-Thurs,Mon from 8pm - 11.00pm server time... Can you be available for all the days? If not please explain what days you can be available for.:
In general I can be available for all raids short of any real life issues.

Are you applying for a Mythic raiding spot, or a Social rank? ( If social - Please contact an officer ingame for a chat to bypass this application process ):
I am applying for a Mythic raiding spot but I would be ok with joining as a social or if you feel you won't need me every raid I am fine to attend when needed.

Are you comfortable with rotation?:
I am fairly comfortable with my rotation, though it could be perfected with practise.

What is your current pc spec and connection speed?:
Intel i5 quadcore cpu, 8gb 1800hz RAM, GeForce GTX 650ti. 500mps fiber optic.

Please fill in the next few questions with as much detail as possible so we can get a clear idea of what to expect from your character, experiance & your play style overall.

Main spec Your applying on?:

Please provide a link to armory for the character you are applying on. :

How do you calculate your stats weights/priority & what rotations do you follow?:
I look on Icy veins, and ask my

What is your play-style? - Eg : Use mouse or keyboard to turn for example? Are you Key binding?:
I use the mouse to turn. I am not big on Key bindings but my attack spells are keybound to the number keys.

What add-ons (raid specific) do you already use?:
Currently I use GTFO and DBM. Clique on occasion.

How do you prepare & what resources do you use to prepare for Raid content & Your Own class?:
I read up on tactics although I learn best when having experienced the encounter. I farm cooking materials, herbs etc to prepare flasks and food.

Which is your main Off-spec and are you experienced & Willing to play this for the raid if required?:
Arcane but if I were to play I would need to freshen up on the rotation and I currently do not have any artifact power invested in it. I am willing to look into it and get it ready if needed.

What prior raiding experience do you have?:
I first raided back in vanilla on my Mage in MC, ZG, BWL, AQ20 and Onyxia.
I started WotLK raiding as my Hunter and at times a Warlock, whichever was most needed. I became a Holy Priest when ICC hit. I did all the raids in that expansion except for Ulduar.
I havn't played WoW seriously since WotLK due to not finding a guild that I fit in and all my friends stopped playing. With a bit of real life mixed in.

Do you have Teamspeak and will you speak on it?:

Extra Information

Why have you chosen to apply to Frequency?:
I decided to apply to Frequency because I felt like I wanted to get back into raiding and you seemed like the right kind of fit for me. I want to progress in the game, be a part of a team and have a good time doing it.

Do you know anyone in the Guild and if so who?:
Not that I know of.

What has been your biggest and most memorable achievement in your time playing WOW? :
My mind has gone blank for anything interesting. Hmm well back in vanilla when it was hard to obtain gold and buy a fast ground mount I ventured out into the world of pvp for the first time. I farmed so much and those AV's were so long and often kept me up all night. Finally I got the beautiful Black War Tiger and Knight-Lieutenant title to go with it, also I had fun doing it even though it's not my kind of thing.

Have any additional comments you would like to leave on the application? Please do so. :
I enjoy helping guildies with what I can and I like to think that I could bring some giggles.

To Help recruitment, How did you hear about us?:
Realm Forums.

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