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re: DECLINED - App: Moxmo - by Berfu


Closing the app due to no response, Please contact an officer if the offer with being a member interests you. 

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re: DECLINED - App: Moxmo - by Berfu


Hey man thx for the app :)

Obviously i wont repeat what you have been honest about in terms of previous progression, i think personally there is room for some players like yourself in the team, not necessarily the mythic team (right away at least) but we have other stuff happening that you could be a a part of.

However wishy does make a good point with his reply, but i saw some of the best players we had join with no progress, not reading up strats, no enchants etc but all because they wanted to get better they did.

So really thats my only questions for you, Do you wanna learn more about your class? wanna improve your viability to be in a raid? wanna end up being someone who challenges our long term players to make themselves get better?

We for sure have some people here who can help, but you also have to want to do it yourself, reading, watching vids, grinding gold in game for enchants, flasks, food, potion etc etc, a good team can help with pointing you in the right direction but you gotta wanna walk there yourself :)

So for now if you can sort the basics, food, flasks, enchants i would personally be happy to offer you a member rank in the guild and invite you to our normal mode clears that happen on sunday evenings, from there if you kept improving and showed us you can be a part of a team that wants to always keep improving, and stay active over a number of weeks we could discuss in the future a further promotion for you in the guild.

Cheers :)



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re: DECLINED - App: Moxmo - by Berfu


Hi there Mox! Thank you for taking the time to apply. I've got a few questions  regarding your character and some of your answers that you've given us. 

First one would be why you've not enchanted any of the gear you have? 840+ Rings, Neck and cloak should definately be enchanted, not having any really shows a lack of dedication to me atleast and I think they should be enchanted with the minor ones if you can't afford the major ones.

You also don't seem to know much of your stat priority and or your dps rotation? Have you ever tried to research this using tools such as youtube, icy veins, twitch livestreams of other WW monks, also where you've answered that you don't think you need much to prepare for a raid, only some augment runes and two self healing spells, that's not really part of the whole 'preparing for a raid' and the answers we're looking for here.

With no prior raiding experience at all, first step shouldn't be to instantly apply to a Mythic raiding guild, especially at the start of an expansion, kind of seems like you're looking to get carried through, get some gear and then leave, we've had multiple scenarios of this. To get some prior raiding experience there's tons of groups going for normal runs in the group finder, now pugging isnt exactly the best way to get a fun experience and a good feel for the content you're running of course but again it's better then not having any experience at all.

That's all from me, goodluck with your application. :)


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re: DECLINED - App: Moxmo - by Berfu


Good morning Maylock,

Thank you for the application we will get back to you this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest when everyone has had a chance to view it, with a response. 



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re: App: Moxmo

The application submitted by Moxmo is as follows:

Name : Maylock
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Alonsus
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Pandaren
Class : Monk
Spec 1 : Windwalker
Spec 2 : Brewmaster

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Personal Information

Please tell us alittle about yourself, ( For example, Your name, where your from etc ):
My name is Markus, altough I mostly go by Mox or Moe and I'm from Norway :)

I'm 19.

What is your battletag ( to help us contact you if required to do so ) :

So we have a clear understanding of your availability & Raiding goals etc. Please answer the following questions

We raid 3 nights a week,Wed-Thurs,Mon from 8pm - 11.00pm server time... Can you be available for all the days? If not please explain what days you can be available for.:
Yeah, I'll be able for all nights, I'm currently just attending college, which is quite easy.

Are you applying for a Mythic raiding spot, or a Social rank? ( If social - Please contact an officer ingame for a chat to bypass this application process ):
I honestly don't really care. I'd love to join raiding and improve myself, but considering my lack of experience, I would expect anyone wanting me to join. But hey, I gotta start somewhere? :)

Are you comfortable with rotation?:
Ya, I think so?

What is your current pc spec and connection speed?:
My pc is good, I have a decent laptop, but I play my games on my stationary computer which is more than good enough for WoW at solid 60 with no drop. My internet is all good, but I'll be getting an even better one in not too long.

Please fill in the next few questions with as much detail as possible so we can get a clear idea of what to expect from your character, experiance & your play style overall.

Main spec Your applying on?:
I'm applying for Windwalker Monk, as It's the spec and class im most comfertable on, and personally enjoy the most overall. Since I've only played since MoP and I've stuck with Monk ever since.

Please provide a link to armory for the character you are applying on. :

How do you calculate your stats weights/priority & what rotations do you follow?:
Welp. Agility and secondly Mastery? Since Im a WW monk I tend to just use whatever is up, so I dont repeat abilites as much as possible for the passive.

What is your play-style? - Eg : Use mouse or keyboard to turn for example? Are you Key binding?:
I use my keyboard for spells and my mouse for movement? I do bind my abilites because I have small hands and can't reach all the default buttons? :p

What add-ons (raid specific) do you already use?:
Skada and Deadly boss mode?

How do you prepare & what resources do you use to prepare for Raid content & Your Own class?:
I mean, I don't really need much? I can grab some Augment runes, but I use energy and I have a two selfhealing spells? I'm new to this, im sorry.

Which is your main Off-spec and are you experienced & Willing to play this for the raid if required?:
Altough I dont have much experience with Brewmaster, I would love to get better at it.

What prior raiding experience do you have?:
None. But I guess I need to start somewhere?

Do you have Teamspeak and will you speak on it?:

Extra Information

Why have you chosen to apply to Frequency?:
To imrpove myself as a player and to be part of a community.

Do you know anyone in the Guild and if so who?:

What has been your biggest and most memorable achievement in your time playing WOW? :
I don't know If I can say that I've really had any big or memorable achievments in WoW. I have however had great experiences troughout my short WoW life. As I started in MoP I never really expirence the truly grinding levling, but even so, levling that first character with no idea what to expect has to be the greatest experience I've had. Exploring tha land in complete awe just to discover that if I right-click theres another land. And If I rightclick again theres even mulriple worlds? I still remember the excitement of seeing all the stuff that was yet to be explored. Getting enough gold to learn flying? And regardless of all the hate it gets, Pandaria really amazed me with its beauty. I've always chased my friends hoping the get "good" enough to join them, but now they've quit so I'm left with little reason to progress alone.

To Help recruitment, How did you hear about us?:

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